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ROCKET Erasmus+ went live at PlayForward Festival in Goettingen!

We are excited to share the first dissemination event for the Erasmus+ project ROCKET during PlayForward Festival 2024 in Goettingen, Germany. During this event, members of the ROCKET consortium joined to introduce the project to a wider audience and facilitate educational role-playing scenarios on conflict transformation and diversity, equity and inclusion.

In an interactive workshop, participants examined a range of styles for engaging with conflict, including their own, in relevant work and educational contexts. Through facilitated role-playing scenarios, attendees were invited to engage in taking perspective on underlying sources for conflict and building empathy within the group of players. This embodied learning experience was reflected through a guided debriefing session, to inform participants´ present and future actions.

We are excited that during the PlayForward festival the Erasmus+ project ROCKET was also featured in an informative talk at the Forum Wissen which focused on games and learning at the University of Goettingen, drawing special attention to the unique learning experiences that role-playing scenarios in ROCKET can hold. The dissemination event was an amazing opportunity for Erasmus+ ROCKET to connect with the local community in the city of Goettingen and to raise awareness for conflict as an opportunity for learning, change and growth.

A huge thank you goes out to the ROCKET consortium members, participants in the events, organizers at the PlayForward Festival and members of the StartRaum co-working space, who supported this successful event!